Business Development

Self-Empowerment Alliance is, primarily, about helping entrepreneurs build a business from the ground up. Whether your business is still at the planning stages or you've been running your business for a few years, and whether your business is primarily online or 'brick and mortar' we can help.

Business development entails a wide spectrum of activities, including improving sales, marketing, strategic initiatives or partnerships, project management, business planning, vendor management and saving costs, to name just some of what is entailed. However, this list is geared more towards big corporate business and we don't go there.  

It is our job to assist in business establishment and the necessary fine-tuning only during the early stages of business setup. As a business matures, it should aim to build its business development expertise internally.

When we talk about business development, we mean just a couple of things. If you were to look at our Personal Development section you will see that we are about encouraging individuals to share their resources for the mutual benefit of all of our members. In our business oriented group meetings, our members follow the same principles. Over time some of our members have come up with some of their own services and products and have also revealed to the group some excellent services already available.

We bring those "Member Solutions" to you, for your benefit, and we recommend other services that our members have found useful.

Below you will find a list of the products and services we provide and the action we recommend you take in order to avail yourself of these.

If you'd like more information on any service listed here please don't hesitate to contact us.

Keyword Reports

Keyword Finder: Search Term - Keep Fit

SEO has never been easier!

If you write your own blog and/or maintain your own website, it can be difficult to find the keywords for your meta-data fields. Search engines may "read" your page/s but, the first item they look for is your keywords.

Our software simply crawls Google's search engine and reports on the "suggestions" function to extrapolate the most used search terms related to your niche. In the example given in the image, (upper left), we entered the search term, "Keep Fit". What you can see is some real-time suggestions from Google, based on the most currently used search terms.

We then take those keywords and, using Google's own functionality, we find the search terms that are most widely used by advertisers. We are then able to see which keywords are more competitive with regards to their usefulness as ranking keywords.

In the image to the right we can see that all of the search terms, (or long-tail keywords), have low competition, however, the third search term on the list has the most average monthly searches, at 100,000 to 1,000,000 searches per month.

We would recommend, in this instance, that the client use this third term along with the second which has received 1,000 to 10,000 average monthly searches.

It is true that most, if not all, search engine algorithms are changed periodically, and SEO is, therefore, not an exact science. Also, it is up to you, the client, to make the final decision as to which terms win a place in your meta-data fields.

Complete this form for a demonstrative report based on a single search term pertaining to your website content.

Approximately 90 percent of SMS are opened and read within the first three minutes of delivery?

That’s an incredible statistic that can’t be ignored. Imagine 9 out of 10 customers reading a message you sent within the next three minutes!

 When you communicate with customers via SMS, you’re doing so with the assurance that those customers want to hear from you, simply because they must opt-in for you to send them messages in the first place.

SMS has evolved a lot over the past few years, making it a more flexible and affordable option.

For as little as £0.04 per sms, you can reach 100 customers for only £4.00. Compared to email which has a much lower open and click through rate, (CTR), approximately 28-33% with a much lower response rate of 6%. This means that almost 3x people are reading your messages than opening the mails you send.

When you're set up you will send a single message to a number we provide and within just a few minutes your message will be winging its way to the device in your customer's pocket.

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