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Introduction to our Personal Development Area

Life brings struggles to just about everyone

Your physical body, your mind and your emotions are all one; they are inseparable. But, all are changeable. You have the power to change, (to at least some degree), the shape of your body and your energy levels, the way you think about your surroundings and your lifestyle choices and how you feel from one moment to the next.

When you begin to rectify "wrongness" in any part of yourself, you begin to change the entire existence and perception of your being. You begin to find balance, but at first, it can often feel like you've stepped off one roller-coaster onto another, bigger, faster and much more frightening one.

Yes, it can be scary, confusing and some people tell how they began to question their own sanity; wondering if they themselves or "the world" has gone crazy.

Some people struggle to bring about the changes they want to implement. They read books, endlessly almost, they buy courses and attend webinars, lectures and seminars looking for the answers to their "life problems".

At Self-Empowerment Alliance we have a secret. The solutions are within you!

What we do is to help you uncover those solutions. It is our goal to enhance the capacity of individuals to take control of their personal circumstances, to exercise power and achieve their own goals. Individuals are encouraged to help themselves and others to maximise the quality of their lives. We implement an intentional, ongoing process of mutual respect among our members, offer critical reflection exercises in a caring group environment and encourage our members to recognise, control and share their resources, allowing greater access to an equal share of those resources. Thus, our members gain greater mastery over their own lives.

We run online group meetings, (beginning 2018), and live group meetings in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Also, within our Personal Development Members Area on this website, we have courses that address many of life's problems, (the first course has just opened).

If you are interested in joining us, please select the relevant form below. We will contact you when your course, or group is scheduled to start.

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If you don't feel ready to join one of our groups, just yet, for the greatest benefit, you might wish to gain access to our Personal Development Members Area. We are building that area now and more products will be added continuously.

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